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Come and Join this crusade to Make a Difference in not just your life but, the Society at Large

Mrs. INDIA Galaxy is India’s Most Prominent Beauty Pageant. This is a pageant for women who aspire to get what they deserve in life. It is a runway to get fame and recognition and a platform to showcase your talent.

           YOU TRULY ARE 

 Mrs INDIA GALAXY is Registered Pageant  Under Laws of  The Government Of India 

Mrs India Galaxy


  We support the cause “Stop Violence Against Women” and aim to create awareness about this cause in society and help women gain confidence and overcome their fears and limitations and live life as their true selves.


At this remarkable pageant, we train and provide the platform to celebrate and honour the journey of every courageous woman who steps forward to overcome her fears and societal barriers and wants to emerge as a winner in life.

Best Beauty Pageant

Why “Mrs. India Galaxy” ?

Beauty catches the eye but, it is the personality and Confidence which is the key to success for anyone in any situation.
Most Indian women lead a life of dedication and sacrifice. And, many times over years, they focus so much on others that they forget to give any attention to their own aspirations and themselves. Their dedication is seldom rewarded which breaks their self-worth and the societal barriers break down their confidence.
Mrs INDIA Galaxy provides world-class training and a platform to overcome fear and barriers and regain confidence. The journey to the limelight trained model. This transformational journey creates a new vision and helps contestants emerge as winners for life. Most Mrs. INDIA Galaxy contestants experience massive transformation and many have
represented INDIA at various Global platforms and brought prestigious crowns and trophies back home. We have helped transform thousands of women over years and are happy to be the reason of success for many deserving women and to act as  catalysts for progress in society.



  • Improve your vision of life

  • Create Self Identity

  • Improved Self Image

  • Enter into the limelight and become a role model

  • Become a professional model or becomemore presentable in life

  • Become capable of Greater success in professional or personal life

  • Become more confident in life

  • Improve State of Mind

  • Improve the Quality of Life in terms of health, wealth and relationships

  • Network with like-minded women

  • Make cherishable life long memories

  • Acknowledgment for personal achievements

  • Learn Ramp walk and overcome stage fear

  Show Videos  

2018 - NewDelhi,India

2021 - NewDelhi,India

2019 - NewDelhi,India

2022 - NewDelhi,India




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Mrs India Galaxy Testimonial

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Mrs India Galaxy Testimonial
Best Beauty Pageant
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Mrs India Galaxy Review
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  • Positive Mind Training

  • Analyze & optimize Your Life

  • Regain Your Self-Confidence

  • How to be The Person You always wanted to Become

  • How to Overcome Limitations and Barriers

  • How to Live a Happy Inspiring Life

  • How to Build social media presence

  • How to feel great and be a peak performer in all
    situations of life

  • Stage Presence & Overcoming Stage Fear

  • Choreography- Ramp Walk

  • How to be more presentable

  • Learn about Your Wellness

  • Learn about Goal Setting

  • Yoga or Fitness Session

  • Makeup/Skincare Workshop for Self Care

  • Portfolio Shoots

  • Face The Camera

  • Award Night recognizing Talents and Contribution to society

  • Showcase of Talent

  • A City Tour of Delhi

  • Making of Cherishable Take Home Memories

  • A Grand Finale Spotlight –  A Once in a Lifetime Stage Experience

  • An opportunity to be in the Lime Light and get a chance to be covered by Media

Basic Criteria Required  –

  • Any Natural Born Indian woman or NRI or Person of Indian Origin.

  • Marital Status – Once Married (Includes Separated, Divorced or Widowed also).

  •  Between 23-55  years of age.

  • A zeal to learn and grow.

  • No Complexion Barrier.