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Mrs. India Galaxy Review

Mrs India Galaxy is wonderful platform it has recreated my life. I am proud of myself with positive attitude, self-confidence, handwork you can achieve anything I am grateful to miss Ginny Kapoor for the opportunity given for women.
Thanks for vibrant Concepts!

This platform helped me learn to believe in myself realize my Untapped potential and grow as a strong and confident individual.

Mrs. India Galaxy Helped me become internally strong, confident and put an end to my constant panic button. i give my thanx to the Team Mrs. India Galaxy.

"It doesn't matter what you carry, but you carry it, matters the most"
Thats the reason i could carry this Attitude on the ramp.
Thanks to Ginny Ma'am for her wisdom & Word of advice. it was a wonderful experience.

Since I connected to vibrant concepts my way of looking towards life has been completely changed. It's a beautiful feeling to be recognised for your abilities, skills and implement them on your path towards success.

My Journey with Mrs. India Galaxy was a peak of my living moment where i enjoyed each and every phase with great excitement and learnt a lot which helped me transform into a new myself. This pageant gave wings to my dreams.
I eternally grateful to Miss Ginny Kapoor and Mr. Gagandeep Kapoor for giving such a huge platform to reinvent ourselves.

My Journey through Mrs. India Galaxy was full of memorable expeiences, new friends, hardwork, lots of learning, laughter and fun.
I learnt to exact my skills, perform under perssure with a can do attude and a journey that continues life time never to end.
Taking with me the true sing of a queen to respect and value others and high as the crown.

My Journey with Mrs. India Galaxy has been existing, extremely fun, and overwhelming. it is a lifetime experience that I learnt and tremendous transformation which made me shine like a star. All the fellow contestants are very friendly and created a healthy competition.
Mr. Ginni Kapoor and team have trained & shaped us in better ways. It is a wonderful platform for married women for showing our talents, building our confidence and voicing out for any social evil cause & supporting the same.

Thank you Mrs. India Galaxy & Vibrant concepts for giving me this opportunity and transforming myself from better to best!!!

It’s a beautiful journey of mine from a homemaker to a model..I have learnt a lot of things which I can’t express in words…all I can say it will always remain as a golden time in my heart ❤️ and I will cherish the moments of my all sessions to the moment of my crowning as Mrs India Galaxy Radiant …proud to have the title…and I always want to remember the most beautiful ladies I meet .

It was great experience for me and learnt so many new things.
When I came back and resumed to my job all were so happy and I am so satisfied that I set an example infront of them. As I belongs to academics where it's majorority of  women working. And all appreciated for my out-of Box thinking  and being a part this great pageant, with the  platform I gain confidence with the help of this I can guide them in their future endeavour. 

Hi everyone... I really miss everyone and our training session. I learnt a lot and my life is full of happiness. My family and friends are saying they can see lot of positive changes in me😍.I am Dreaming high and High.
Bohot aage barneka Mann karta hai. Aisa kuch karne ka Mann karta hai Jo sabke liye inspiration and memorable ho. Thank you Ginni maam❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💐💐💐😍🥰🙏

Must say confidence on stage is what I wanted to gain and I have gained it. In this pageant my friends have double, feels good - JacintaIt was a great experience that paved the way for the future. Just started walking towards the new mission. Feeling so grateful and excited. Love and respect for Ginny ma'am and Gagandeep Ji.

It feels like it happened yesterday, every minute is running in back of my mind❤️ those busy days were awesome 🤩  - AkhilaStill receiving good wishes.Telling everyone about the journey. Everyone in the family is happy and feeling proud of me. Planning for party💃🏻💃🏻. Thank you Ginny mam. You were strict but it was for our improvement and betterment. 😊 The confidence we got will help us a lot👍 . I m sure everyone must be remembering the happy moments and smiling when they are alone.😇

I have understood the value of being more organized, more disciplined. I focused and realized my strengths. I understood what impact I can have on others.
I have build my self-esteem and self-confidence,
Learned making friendships, good sportsmanship, poise and public speaking.
This journey boosted my self confidence more than before. Being observant by nature I have learned something from you as well all other contestants.We always learn something new when you do something different than usual. And being part of  this memorable journey I have gained a lot which will definitely help me in my life.

This is a life changing and life achievement experience. After this i feel so confident and strong mam icant express. This is a new world but after this national event i would definitely want to see this as my future. All credit goes to our superb mentor Ginni Mam. Sach mam jitna bhi thanks kare kam hai aapka. - PriyankaReally missing those days. Still in that era still recovering good wishes  from my relatives and friends  now have focus on my work by using this platform  thank you Ginni mam and Gagandeep  sir for everything ❤️❤️❤️ 

This was a super duper mind blowing glamorous, glitter & grandeur event that became an epitome in the pageantry world. All of us have become stars overnight. Thanks for educating us on various parameters. I feel BLESSED!🙏
And can't thank Gagan & you enough for taking us through this process to shine and test our own potential. That's my take and I am humbled with the plethora of praises flowing in from people who never ever cared earlier to even say hello. There is no force more powerful than a woman who is determined to rise. Thanks for believing in us and help us achieve great heights.💐

It has been fabulous for me really… after doing an interview, giving one has been totally enlightening 😁😁…. Also this success has made me a role model for women around me ❤️. Also, the confidence is now multifold and nothing appears out of reach- both physically (the 5 less sleep nights has got my body all ready for more😂) And mentally too. I can wear heels like I am wearing flats now 😀💃. Thanks to this pageant and many congrats to the MIG Team for the success.❤️👌

Thank you so much Ginni Ma'am and the whole was a lifetime experience for me. It was an experience not only for just us but the whole family by our word of mouth. Really feeling blessed to be part of such a beautiful journey. Lots  n lots of appreciation flowing in for the whole family. The best part is many of my female friends reached out to me for guidance & support in there personal endeavors and were so much motivated and inspired by me😊❤️

Had a wonderful time after many years and got to know so many good souls it was really fortunate to be part of this successful show now I SMILE WITH MORE CONFIDENCE and i will do it rest of my life lots of love 😘❤️

This was a good platform for me to resume the rhythm of fitness, Yoga and other talent that I had always been nurtured along with so far successful professional career! It was a good experience to get back another dimension for popularity! I have moved forward only considering positives and learning from this platform! 😊👍

I learned  lots of new valuable  things  during  these  sessions Which  makes me feel  happy Inspite  of my busy  schedule  I am trying to  follow  your  advices Really  feel  happy  n proud  to  myself  after  winning  this title 🥰🥰🙏🙏 

I m learning how to manage ur attitude for right things. Don't give up on ur self. U knw mam first tym at my daughter's birthday I dressed up as modern mother with high heels. Never felt any hesitation and bothered about any one opinion. I m now too much happy tht I m doing much better things in my life. My all students said me I m looking so nice in my all pics of the event. I m ready for flying high👍🏻

I have learnt punctuality ,
I am more confident and have vision to fly high🤗really grateful to experience such a huge platform .Appreciations are in the air,Friends and family super happy .Your guidance on affirmations and visualisation is really working for me😍Thankyou for being part of my life feeling sooo blessed🙏🙏

Everyone is treating me like a celebrity built up us with more confidence..which we are stepping forward in each aspect of our life..thank you so much Ginny for your love and support always🙏🤩🥰

I have learnt to love myself more. Express myself wholly and not hold back. I've gained confidence and changed in a good way a lot more than I was before entering the pagent. I've started looking at every work i do as a challenge to go forward and make sure I complete it. And I like that you ask and think about us even after the pagent is over. 🧡

It was a wonderful experience.
One thing I learnt after coming back, what Ginni mam told us in pageant - that stands very true -
When you reach to some heights, we come to know who all are our real friends and who all are fake.
This I felt very closely after coming back.
I feel we should respect our real friends and hold them tight. - 

It's been a wonderful experience. I have become more connected to the social media and also made myself public which I used to hesitate doing earlier. I have gained more confidence and developed a more positive  insight in my life through this vast platform. 

Thank you so much Mrs India Galaxy,, i have learnt many things. Also now everyone is paying extra attention at workplace and saying that "we thought you are cute only, but now we realised you are Beautiful,Hot ,beautywithbrain, Congratulations for Extraordinary achievement,,
So these are really big achievement,,
I faced many success,, like cracking All-India preMedical entrance,, MBBS degree, All-India Neet-PG entrance exam, Specialization etc etc,
But this Gracious Crown 👑 Achievement giving me a GlamSuccess feeling.
The taste of Success with Glam flavour,, it's Really Pleasurable.

It was like a blessing in disguise for coming across this beauty pageant and meeting all the wonderful people. I am grateful from all my heart to Ginny mam and Gagan sir and looking forward to be in contact with you all. Thank you 🌹

Thank you Ginny Ma'am & Gagan Sir for this wonderful adventurous journey opportunity. A lot of appreciation for the entire Mrs India Galaxy 2022 team as a lot of backend efforts go in. Highly grateful to Ginny Ma'am for motivating and inspiring us and mentoring the art of living to all the contestants❤️🙏

Very much Thankful to you and Gagan Sir...For such Amazing Show....And wonderful Grooming Sessions.
Your approach is amazing in personality development and character building.
Definitely it gives us an opportunity into betterment.

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience atleast I come to know where I actually belong, but something is missing in me known by everyone now 😀 but something has it's roots deep breath need to be trained to tackle it first and come up with power. Thank you so much Ginny mam for your Love and guidance will keep it with me forever ❤️ 

Pageant journey wasadream come true. Everything was around the pageant still not able to get over with it. It's like waking up from a beautiful dream.

It is like i am still there and whenever i open my eyes it's like what is the time, am I late for the session 😃... Can't get over it and I don't want that josh down in my life. Lot's more to do....🥰 I love you Ginny Ma'am❤️

I am getting so much love and warmth from family, friends... Also so many people are sending request or started following on social media

Still in the beautiful dream, just don't feel like coming out of it. But there is also a thought somewhere what next can be done. I must say it's an amazing experience.

Waha bitaya har ek pal chehre pe muskan la deta hai, abhi bhi sapne me bas wahi ghum ke aa rahi hu. Grooming sessions, dancing, ramp walk and all it's like I want to stay there only. Don't want there should be end to all these things.Thank you so much for this wonderful journey 🥰💓

I have become Celebrity by now...😃. I am on cloud 9. Can't imagine how my status got changed 😊 and by now I have realised my potential and what more can be done is very clear now..🥰 Thank you so much Ma'am. Please do interact with us sometime like today... It feels so good... 💐 Lot's of Love....

I feel good to see the fan following and getting compliments. Don't want to come out from that world. Missing you all and those moments. I wish we could repeat the same. Thank you for showing us such a wonderful dream.😘

It's been such a beautiful journey which can't be expressed in words. I am getting so much love, recognition and support of the loved ones and family. It's a different kind of a feeling. Feeling like a celebrity already having Mrs. Popular crown and sash. 🥰🥰

Not able to forget those beautiful memories which we all together made over I am getting so much compliments and congratulations..its feels like a celebrity...feeling awesome...thank you so much Mam for everything 🙏🙏😍

It is like i am still there and whenever i open my eyes it's like what is the time, am I late for the session 😃... Can't get over it and I don't want that josh down in my life. Lot's more to do....🥰 I love you Ginny Ma'am❤️

I am getting so much love and warmth from family, friends... Also so many people are sending request or started following on social media

Still in the beautiful dream, just don't feel like coming out of it. But there is also a thought somewhere what next can be done. I must say it's an amazing experience.

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